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S1 E4: Egg Freezing – The Ice Age

Women freeze their eggs for different reasons – some choose to because the time isn’t right to have a child, others make the decision due to health reasons. Josh & Jess speak with Fiona and Verena to find out what motivated their different decisions around freezing their eggs, and a Fertility Specialist shares her medical perspective on things for women to consider.

S2 E4: Egg Freezing - Frozen in Time

Egg freezing is increasingly popular for women who aren’t in a position to start a family but want to consider their options. In this episode, Fiona explains the process and why she decided to freeze her eggs and Jac tells us her experience after receiving an unexpected cancer diagnosis.

S3 E2: It's a Woman's World

Freezing your eggs can be empowering. Learn about the process, the costs involved and how to get started.

Genea shares patient stories to help people experiencing infertility to understand that they are not alone. Hearing about other people experiencing the same challenges is a powerful way to break the isolation and stigma that often surrounds infertility. We share these stories with the intent to inform, educate and comfort and have no intention to create unreasonable expectations of beneficial treatment. Similarly, we have no intention for our community to believe the stories told are the outcomes that would be achieved for every patient.