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Apply for your Zip account today

Now that you’ve received your personalised fee estimate, you’re all ready to apply for your Zip account.

Your nurse would have advised the amount you need to enter in your application. If you are unsure, please get in touch to confirm before proceding.

  1. You see your Fertility specialist, if required they will create a treatment plan for you 
  2. Your nurse will get in touch with you to book your consult (if required) 
  3. Your nurse will discuss your treatment fee estimate with you, they can provide information on the use of Zip money 
  4. Your nurse will then provide you a link to a specific site with more detailed information on the process 
  5. You then apply for the total of your cycle estimate and freeze fee, including the 0.85% admin fee 
  6. You will then receive an SMS and email to authorise Genea to draw funds from your Zip account 
  7. You will still be required to register payment details with Genea 
  8. Treatment will begin and conclude 
  9. On completion funds will be drawn from your Zip account 
  10. Zip will alert you to this via the Zip app or email 
  11. Your 6 month interest free period begins 
  12. Any day surgery or residual amounts not covered by Zip will be processed via your registered credit card or bank account 
  13. Any surplus balance in your Zip account will be released by Genea
  • Zip is only available to be used for cycle and freezing fees (including embryo testing) - not for Day Surgery, storage, diagnostic testing or other costs associated with treatment 
  • If there are insufficient funds in the Zip account we will debit the bank account/credit card registered for the remaining balance of the cycle invoice 
  • Patients will still be required to register their bank account/credit card details for storage  
  • Preapproval with Zip is required 
  • 0.85% surcharge will be applied to the total processed from Zip, applied at the time of invoicing 
  • Zip attracts a $6 monthly account fee and on-off $99 establishment fee
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other payment offer
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Genea shares patient stories to help people experiencing infertility to understand that they are not alone. Hearing about other people experiencing the same challenges is a powerful way to break the isolation and stigma that often surrounds infertility. We share these stories with the intent to inform, educate and comfort and have no intention to create unreasonable expectations of beneficial treatment. Similarly, we have no intention for our community to believe the stories told are the outcomes that would be achieved for every patient.